Keziah was created by designer Florence Hughes-Finney in May 2020. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Florence designs and creates every order herself by hand, making each individual order unique to the customer.


At Keziah we strive towards a slower, more considerate way of living. All of our products are handmade from a limited dead-stock supply of fabric, meaning your items will be both sustainable and ethically made. Not only are our garments produced carefully but this spans across to every aspect of our business. As well as serving great protection during its delivery, all our packaging is 100% recycled! Additionally we offer a made to measure service and are open to commissions for any special designs. So if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to get in touch.






At Keziah we believe in longevity and care and incourage all our customers to aspire to making things last.


When purchasing one of our products make sure to take care when washing as these handmade items can be delicate. We recommend washing either on a delicate load or at a very cool temperature roughly 30/40 degrees. Additionally if anything should happen to your items we offer a free of charge repair service. 


Care for the planet as well as your clothes. Not only is it beneficial to you to keep your clothes in good condition but it also reduces the waste we put into land fill. Another great thing you can do to help our climate is to use a natural based washing detergent, this prevents toxins entering our water system and polluting our oceans.